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Black Lives Matter. Black Communities Matter.

ASLA Connecticut joins the Black Landscape Architects Network (BlackLAN) and the American Society of Landscape Architects in condemning racial injustice and police violence. Black Lives Matter, and Black Communities Matter. We affirm and support the many peaceful voices calling for profound changes in our society. We acknowledge the harm and violence inflicted by systemic racism, and we take responsibility for our failure to reconcile that legacy with our chapter's mission of protecting public health, safety, and welfare.

We need to be honest about inviting a radical rethink of the profession as NC State professor Kofi Boone concludes in his article, "Black Landscapes Matter":

"But more broadly, what if landscapes were approached as a way to help invisible people and places “to be seen?” What if landscape processes were deployed to help us all “live with dignity?” And what if through our continued and shared commitment to building together a more just society we resisted those forces that would pull us apart and instead engaged in the work with the intent of being “connected?” 

In the coming weeks, we will be listening to and collaborating with black landscape architect leaders in BlackLAN and ASLA to make meaningful changes that will foster equity, inclusion, and justice in our profession. Part and parcel of this undertaking will be unlearning those aspects of our practice that promote our privilege and inflict injustice at the expense of others. Your suggestions and critical feedback of this process will help keep us accountable in implementing these changes on the chapter level.

Executive Committee

ASLA Connecticut

ASLA Statement (June 5th)

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