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Please carefully read the Call for Entries page and confirm that you are submitting in the correct category. The peer jury will evaluate your project based on the criteria for that category as stated in the Call for Entries. 

Projects may be submitted with more than one designer of record, especially for multi-phase projects with multiple firms involved. At least one (1) of the listed designers must satisfy all of the eligibility requirements. Award certificates will be issued in the name of the firm(s) involved with the project. 

Winning projects will be widely publicized through chapter publications, website posts, and other means. Private projects where the owner or client wish to be anonymous may use "Private Residence" or similar descriptions that redact identifying information.

Membership in ASLA is a requirement for submission for Professional and Student awards. Students who are not currently ASLA members can join at no cost. Membership application forms and dues payment can be completed digitally at Please remember to choose Connecticut as your affiliated chapter.
Professional entry fees are $250.00 per project. Payment must be made in advance of the deadline using the Paypal link below.  
There is no fee to submit entries in the Community Service category. Materials submitted may be incorporated into future public advocacy efforts including programs, events, or legislative testimony.

Student entry fees are waived for the first submission. The rate for additional student entries is $25.00 per project. Payment for additional entries must be made in advance of the deadline using the Paypal link below.  
Registration, payment, and project materials are due no later than 5:00pm on Friday, October 13, 2023. The Awards Committee reserves the right to disqualify any entry not received in full prior to the deadline for submissions.


After you hit "submit", you'll see a bit a white space appear. You should see a confirmation message appear towards the top of the page. If you are entering more than one project, you can begin another entry form there. Otherwise, please scroll down for instructions on submitting materials and payment.


Materials should be transmitted to as a download link. Please do not directly attach and send files! You may use any file sharing service (Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.) that allows materials to be downloaded without the need for the end user to log in or sign up.


If your submission involves a hard copy paper or document, please email the Awards Committee at the above address for special handling instructions.


The Awards Committee requests that entrants keep their materials together in a .ZIP archive when creating a transmittal download link. The file names should prominently feature the Project Name used on your entry form to avoid any confusion.


Submissions should contain all of the required materials: PDF slides, high-resolution images, and captions. Please do not send draft or partial submissions. 

Award Submission File Names.png


To pay with a debit or credit card, click the yellow button. In the popup window or new tab, click the grey button "Pay With Debit or Credit Card". Ad blockers or no-script plugins for your browser may affect functionality for PayPal's payment window. If you are having difficulty, then you may need to temporarily disable these plugins until payment is processed.


Submitting multiple projects? Contact and we would be happy to send you a combined digital invoice. Your payment options will remain the same, and you'll save time!

The chapter is limiting correspondence to our PO Box. If you need to mail a check, please contact first so we can ensure someone will be able to check it prior to the deadline.

Nonmembers should remit application forms and dues directly to ASLA. If you need assistance with joining, please contact Member Services at 1-888-999-ASLA (2752) or membership@asla.orgUpon joining ASLA, payment for award entries can be made at the member rate on this web page.

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