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Elizabeth Bullard.jpg

Elizabeth Bullard (1847 - 1916)

Marian Coffin.jpg

Marian Cruger Coffin (1876 - 1957)

AE Bye.jpg

Arthur Edwin Bye (1919 - 2001)

Bob Gregan.jpg

Edmund "Bob" Gregan (1936 - 2018)

Fellowship is among the highest honors that ASLA bestows on members. It recognizes the contributions of these individuals to their profession and society at large based on their works, leadership and management, knowledge, and service. The designation of Fellow is conferred on individuals in recognition of exceptional accomplishments over a sustained period of time. Individuals considered for this distinction must be full members of ASLA in good standing for at least ten years and must be recommended to the Council of Fellows by the Executive Committee of their local chapter, the Executive Committee of the ASLA, or the Executive Committee of the Council of Fellows.

Thirty-three (33) chapter members have received this honor to date. Additional information about their professional careers and areas of practice are available below courtesy of ASLA's Fellows Database.


1899 Elizabeth Bullard

1918 Marian Coffin

1930 Thomas Desmond

1933 Armand Tibbits

1936 John Noyes

1953 Helen Jones (Rice)

1961 Agnes Selkirk Clark

1961 Richard Guthridge

1961 Elizabeth Pattee

1964 George Yarwood

1964 Helene B. Warner

1971 A.E. Bye

1974 Alice Smith

1980 Richard K. Dee

1983 Dean Johnson

1987 Edmund "Bob" Gregan

1992 Donald Ferlow

1992 Rudy Favretti

1992 Allen Hixon

1995 Patricia O’Donnell

1997 Vince McDermott

1998 Shavaun Towers

2000 Jack Curtis

2005 Dickson DeMarche

2007 Keith Simpson

2008 Tom Tavella

2009 Gary Sorge

2010 Susan Cohen

2010 Whitney Talcott

2011 Susan Child

2012 Wesley Stout

2016 Bob Golde

2021 Peter Viteretto

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