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Since 1988, CTASLA has been publishing news articles and other pertinent information for its members in The Connecticut Landscape Architect (CTLA). The early editions were just a few pages long and featured articles written by members on a variety of topics. Media and graphics were in black and white, and the newsletter layout favored mostly text. Distribution was on a quarterly basis. 

In the spring of 1999, CTLA began printing select pages in color and moved to a larger  8.5 x 11" magazine format. Issues were printed two or three times per year, but later changed to bi-annually in the spring and fall.

Starting in 2011, a full-color Annual was added to showcase the work of the Design Award winners and other significant news from around the state. The 7.5" x 10", coffee table size is distinctive and is a frequent sight at design firms, municipal land use offices, and other locations when it is released each spring.

In November of 2021, the chapter decided to retire The Connecticut Landscape Architect as a standalone publication after three decades of impactful news, articles, and analysis. Fortunately , this content will continue to be included as part of our upgraded Annual offering which will now be published twice per year as Connecticut Landscape Architecture.

Back issues in PDF flipbook format can be viewed and downloaded from the bookshelves below. On mobile devices, you will need to browse our web collections for CLA BiannualCTLA Archive, or Annual Archive for best performance. 

We welcome advertising support from green industry manufacturers and suppliers of products and services. Learn more about advertising rates and options. See the list of advertisers from our Spring 2023 edition.

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