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2022 Honoree Anne Penniman

Elizabeth Bullard, n.d. Photo courtesy T

The Elizabeth Bullard Award was established by the Executive Board in January 2020 to recognize the achievements of female landscape architects in Connecticut and advance the goal of gender equity in the profession. It is given annually by the chapter president on behalf of the Executive Committee which receives and reviews nominations from eligible chapter members.

The award celebrates the life and legacy of Elizabeth Jane Bullard, the first woman to practice landscape architecture and a resident of Bridgeport, Connecticut. In December of 1899, she was duly elected as a fellow of ASLA.
This made her the first non-founding member of ASLA and the second woman to join behind Beatrix Farrand.

Unfortunately, her contributions to the profession were ignored in early histories of the Society, and her pioneering legacy was forgotten for over a hundred years. In the Spring 2020 issue of The Connecticut Landscape Architect, our chapter has provided a feature article on her life and career. Elizabeth helped dispel the prejudice and public sentiment against women pursuing professional careers. In an undated letter to a friend, she wrote:

“I am convinced that this field is open to the women of the future, as well as that of the interior decoration of homes where women live, and in which, outdoors and in, they should be mostly deeply interested.”

Through this award, ASLA Connecticut seeks to elevate the works, leadership, knowledge, and service of women in landscape architecture and ensure that Elizabeth Bullard is never forgotten again.

The chapter celebrated its 2022 award recipient, Anne Penniman, as part of our 2023 Professional, Student, and Chapter Awards event on December 14th.

Elizabeth Bullard, n.d.

Photo courtesy The Cultural Landscape Foundation.


2020 Jane Didona

2021 Terri-Ann Hahn

Nominations have been opened again until October 31st, 2023. Please see the Call for Nominations document as well as the nomination form for additional information.

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