CTASLA is proud to offer a variety of quality continuing education programs each year. The following links are brochures for past programs. Copies of presentations or slides are made available for a limited time following each program, and only those those individuals who registered.

In June of 2020, the chapter began offering continuing education through webinars. Information on past programs can be found below; no stand-alone brochure. Select programs have been recorded and can be viewed on our webinars page.

Information on programs hosted prior to 2016 is available upon request. Please contact for assistance.


If you would like to submit a module proposal for consideration for a future continuing education program, please see the guidelines and submission form.

Past Webinars
  • 2021 Professional, Student, and Chapter Awards
  • Exploring Uneven Geographies Through Disruptive Engagement
  • Grace Farm as a Model for Reimagining the Suburban Landscape
  • 10 Trees to Avoid, 15 Natives You Need to Know
  • Swimming Pool Enclosure Code Requirements Explained
  • Using Reclaimed Materials in Hardscape Projects
  • Wildlife as Formgiver in Lighting Design
  • Opportunities for Permeable Paving
  • Best Practices for Managing Trees During Design & Construction
  • All Ages, All Abilities, All the Time
  • Security Lighting for People & Property
  • Natural Stone, Thin Veneer: The Basics
  • Tree Filter Systems and Planters for Stormwater Management
  • Pedestrian & Pathway LED Lighting
  • Observing Construction: Techniques, Tips & Thoughts
  • Risk and Resiliency: Adapting to Connecticut's Changing Climate
2020 Programs
Risk and Resiliency - Adaptinging Climat

Risk and Resiliency: Adapting to Connecticut's Changing Climate

February 19, 2020

Hartford, CT  

2019 Programs
2019 Residential Expo.jpg

WATER: Conservation, Mitigation, Creation, and Restoration

October 30, 2019

Danbury, CT  

2018 Programs
2018 Residential.jpg

Getting Started, Growing, Transitioning, or Keeping It Going 

November 14, 2018

Danbury, CT  

2018 Lighting.jpg

Lighting Fundamentals: Footcandles, Poles, and Pollution Prevention 

June 19, 2018

New Haven, CT  

2018 O&G Program.jpg

Wetlands, Greenways & Pavements: Connecting Land, Water & People   

February 22, 2018

Bridgeport, CT  

2018 Bricks.jpg

Bituminous Clay Brick Pavers Installation   

September 26, 2018

Hartford, CT  

2018 Bulbs.jpg

All About Bulbs: Blends, Trends, and Old Friends 

May 4, 2018

Bridgeport, CT  

2018 Site Tour.jpg

Site Tour: Meriden Green 

August 8, 2018

Meriden, CT  

2018 Farrand.jpg

The Life and Gardens of Beatrix Farrand 

April 24, 2018

Hartford, CT  

110217 Residential_Design_Expo.jpg

2017 Residential Design Expo

November 2, 2017

Danbury, CT  

042817 Olmsted_Parks_in_Transition .jpg

Olmsted Parks in Transition: Respecting the Past, Planning for the Future   

April 28-29, 2017

Hartford, CT  

092817 Designing_Green_Roofs.jpg

Designing Green Roofs & Plazas 

September 28, 2017

Hartford, CT  

022317 Hardscapes_Program.jpg

From Rooftops to Retaining Walls: Hardscapes Solutions for Designers 

February 23, 2017

Bridgeport, CT

2017 Programs
111016 Designing_Trails_&_Greenways.jpg

Designing Trails & Greenways: Pathways For Success

November 10, 2016

Hartford, CT  

062416 Balancing_ED&HP.jpg

Balancing Economic Development with Historic Preservation   

June 24, 2016

Portland, CT  

091516 Residential_Design_Expo.jpg

Water, Water, Everywhere

September 15, 2016

Stamford, CT  

051216 Stone_Fabrication.jpg

From Concept to Porch Step: The Custom Stone Fabrication Process

May 12, 2016

Beacon Falls, CT

022516 Pavers_Porcelain_Stone.jpg

Pavers, Porcelain, and Stone

February 25, 2016

Bridgeport, CT

2016 Programs

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