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Announcing the 2021 Scholarship Winners!

The chapter is pleased to announce that it has conferred $10,500 in scholarships to six outstanding recipients. This was the largest award given both in the number of recipients as well as in the total value of scholarships offered. Thank you again to everyone who contributed to our successful Holiday and Annual Awards fundraising appeal that made these scholarships possible.

The winners for the Karen Ann Shopis-Fox Scholarship (KSF) and the Landscape Architecture Environmental Stewardship Scholarshipfor High School Seniors (LAESS) are as follows:

  • Jacob Battista (KSF) of Purdue University

  • Victor Cizik (KSF) of UConn

  • Michael Grigoriou (KSF) of UConn

  • Caroline Klumac (LAESS) of UVM

  • Oliver Zych (KSF) of Caly Poly

  • Amanda Nackowski (LAESS) of SUNY ESF

Read more about the 2021 winners on our scholarships page!

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