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Change to Continuing Education Deadline

Landscape architect license holders should have received multiple emails from the Department of Consumer Protection identifying a new due date for completion of continuing education credits. A copy of that message is reproduced below.

Public Act No. 21-37 took effect in October of 2021 with the intent of improving oversight of regulated professions and providing a uniform set of requirements for license holders. There has been significant confusion regarding the applicability of new statutory language and the profession of landscape architecture. While our profession is not specifically named within the statute, it does fall within the purview of in Sec. 16. Section 21a-10, (c):

This language applies to any license not in Chapter 400j (ours is Chapter 396), so the landscape architect credential is included. Please review your credits and ensure that you have obtained at least twenty-four (24) credits no later than April 30, 2022.

At present, the "live attendance" requirement for six (6) hours of continuing education has been extended to also include webinars that are presented in real time. One continuing education unit is the equivalent of one contact hour (50 minutes of instruction) of technical presentation acceptable to the Board of Landscape Architects. In addition, each one-hour lecture given by a licensee may count as six contact hours. As a guideline, the Board will generally deem acceptable presentations on any technical aspect of the profession (not office management or business development) that relates to the general health, safety and welfare of the public. Programs do not need to have LA CES HSW to meet this requirement, but such a designation confirms that the content will meet continuing education requirements.

The chapter is sponsoring LA CES HSW credits for three programs that will be held prior to the deadline. Space is limited at these events, and already one of them has filled up. Spots are still available for the Saturday and Sunday events.

  1. The Olmsted Legacy in Connecticut: Building Sustainable Cities: Registration is full

  2. Frederick Law Olmsted's 200th: A Hartford Memorial:

  3. Frederick Law Olmsted's 200th: Parks and Gardens Tour:

Please consider taking advantage of these free program opportunities if you still need credits. Additionally, many of our regular calendar events qualify for continuing education credits. ASLA members should also take advantage of free webinars that are available to watch on demand.

In terms of reporting the credits by the deadline, DCP has not yet told us what the requirements/protocol will be. For now, the expectation is that practitioners will get them done and await further directions from DCP. We are following this issue and will be sharing guidance with members when we have more information to share.

Due to legislative changes, you must now complete your continuing education requirements three months prior to your license expiration date.

  • Beginning this year, your new deadline to complete continuing education requirements is April 30 of EVERY EVEN-NUMBERED year.

  • Your license expiration date remains July 31 of each year.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, space in many courses may be limited and courses are expected to fill up quickly. We encourage you to sign up for your continuing education courses as soon as possible to ensure you meet the deadline for your credential renewal.

You can review complete information about continuing education requirements on our website.

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