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Fall 2022 CLA Issue Is On Its Way!

The second edition of Connecticut Landscape Architecture for 2022 should have arrived in your mailbox in the past week or so (or...look for it any day now!). A flipbook / PDF version is also available online. This publication continues the long tradition of our now discontinued black-and-white magazine (The Connecticut Landscape Architect), and merges it with our color book publication, formerly known as our Annual — only...we can't call it an Annual anymore because it now comes out TWICE a year (we hope you enjoyed the first edition in Spring 2022!).

This edition of Connecticut Landscape Architecture — mailed to more than 2,000 recipients — celebrates the legacy of Frederick Law Olmsted. Flip the pages to meet our Olmsted Award winners and explore Olmsted's past work in Connecticut. You can also get to know the 2022 Karen Ann Shopis-Fox Memorial Scholarship and Landscape Architecture Environmental Stewardship Scholarship for High School Seniors recipients. Read further to find articles on exciting chapter programs and a strong update on advocacy efforts by the chapter.

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