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Consider A Work-Based Learning Intern!

Need help with CAD drafting? Looking for help with illustration or graphics? Seeking assistance with site measurements? Students in the Sustainable Architecture program at Platt Technical High School are ready to help!

This Work Based Learning Program offered through the Connecticut Technical Education and Career System allows high school juniors and seniors to undertake paying, practical career experiences in lieu of traditional classroom time. Employers have flexibility to take on students as their project needs and schedule demand. Practitioners can commit to as little as a week – or a longer term internship if mutually beneficial. Drafting and graphics work can be conducted remotely.

The Platt Tech program is expanding to include landscape architecture in the curriculum and is seeking to place students with practitioners as opportunities arise. Platt Tech handles the administration for this program including student eligibility and compliance. Employers are responsible for payroll and taking weekly attendance. Please contact instructor Michael Buonocore ( if you would like to learn more about the program or become a participating firm.

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