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Open Meetings and Minutes

Current members of ASLA Connecticut may attend or participate in meetings of the Executive Committee or subcommittees. Attendance or participation does not confer any additional rights or privileges other than those described in the chapter Bylaws and Constitution.


ASLA Connecticut maintains archival copies of minutes pertaining to Executive Committee meetings and other chapter business. Upon request by current chapter members, these documents can be made available for viewing.

Requests for documents or attendance should be directed to

Chapter Funds and Investments


Following ASLA's bylaws and constitution, ASLA Connecticut has established its own policy to govern the collection, disbursal, and investment of funds held by the chapter. This policy was approved by the Executive Committee on April 13, 2020 and can be made available to current chapter members upon request.

As a 501 C (6) nonprofit organization, the chapter maintains an operating fund, a reserve fund, and an investment fund for different purposes. Signatories on these accounts include the President and Treasurer.


Oversight and accountability for funds is provided by several means:

  • On a monthly basis by an independent bookkeeper who reviews statements and reconciles transactions; 

  • On a yearly basis by an independent accountant who reviews chapter financials for tax filing purposes;

  • On a yearly basis by ASLA through the filing of the chapter annual report;

  • On a continual basis by the Executive Committee who review monthly statements given by the chapter Treasurer.

Questions about funds, investments, or other chapter assets may be directed to the attention of the President or Treasurer at

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