CT Society of Landscape Architects 


The Connecticut Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (CTASLA) recognizes how vital it is to have participation from students, emerging professionals, and diversity of all kinds (gender, racial, age, and income) within our membership to ensure we properly represent all of the diverse communities we serve. We also recognize that paying dues can be cost-prohibitive. To remedy this, we are offering FREE membership to ASLA and CTASLA for one year in exchange for three or more hours of service to CTASLA in our professional practice program.

Based on your application essay, we will involve you in a meaningful project that supports CTASLA in our mission, helps enhance your understanding of our craft, and sets you on a path to becoming a successful professional. We are committed as an organization to be stewards of both the natural environment as well as the communities we serve, which includes YOU!

This program is open to all juniors and seniors on a path to obtaining their degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Connecticut as well as emerging professionals within a two-year time frame following graduation. We have funds set aside to sponsor 10 applicants. All applications will be carefully reviewed by the CTASLA Sponsorship Committee.

To apply, please write a 250-word essay on how you hope being involved with CTASLA will help you launch a fulfilling career in landscape architecture; submit your essay by email to kjacobsmla@gmail.com.

2019 Application Timeline:

March 15: Deadline for applications
March 16-23: CTASLA Sponsorship Committee reviews applications
March 25: Notice of sponsorship award selection to applicants
March 25-30: Meetings with CTASLA Sponsorship Committee to discuss best use of volunteer experience to assist applicants’ educational development.
May 14: Applicants must complete three hours of CTASLA volunteer service
May 15: Process registration for new members

Membership is FREE from May 15, 2019 to May 31, 2020.

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